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The Restless Breed
Western, Not on Ebay

1957 | 4:3 | COLOR | Quality: VERY GOOD

Anne Bancroft

Scott Brady

Jim Davis


It's 1865 and respected, educated attorney Mitch Baker (Scott Brady) is informed that his father was murdered in Mission, Texas while working for the Secret Service. He was investigating the operations of "Newton's Raiders", a gang of gun runners fronted by Ed Newton (Jim Davis) who are supplying arms to Emperor Maximillian in Mexico. Mitch, filled with rage, travels to Mission to investigate and promptly sets about violently dismantling all the scumbags who cross his path. He finds lodgings with the good Reverend Simmons (Rhys Williams) and his adopted brood of half-breed children, the eldest of which is a sexually awakened Angelita (Anne Bancroft), who soon becomes Baker's love interest. Cold and almost brutal in his actions, Mitch has no intention of upholding the law - he has only one thing on his mind: revenge!

This is another of workhorse director Allan Dwan's many undervalued westerns, and was his last outing in the genre. Dwan, given shockingly limited resources here, but he shows how a great director can sometimes craft a silk purse out of a sow's ear. A woeful musical score, formulaic script, cramped & wobbly sets, and cheap color process could not stop talented Dwan from squeezing the most he possibly could out of this picture - he manages to infuse plenty of violence, sexual tension, and clever nods towards the perils of temptation. Scott Brady plays the part of an educated young man so incensed by his father's murder that he is in grave danger of recklessly throwing his life away by giving in to his vengeful bloodlust. In his ear trying to reign him in are Reverend Rhys Williams and a very youthful Anne Bancroft. It's no masterpiece, but for western lovers this much to recommend.

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