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Magic Fire
Drama, Favorite

1955 | FULLSCREEN (4:3) | Color | Quality: Excellent

Alen Badel

Yvonne De Carlo

Carlos Thompson


The life and times of one of Germany’s most celebrated and controversial composers, Richard Wagner (Alan Badel) comes to life in this often-overlooked lavish production from republic pictures. Many details and accounts of Wagner's life are accurately portrayed, with a few areas stretched out for dramatic purposes. One of the high points is the accurate recreation of the famous riot among the elite at the Opera House in Paris during the Second Act of Tannhauser. The film also correctly brings out the patronage of King Ludwig II in Wagner's life, without bogging itself down in the controversial details of the troubled monarch. Lavish sets, brilliant costumes and a large cast that includes the beautiful Yvonne De Carlo all contribute to this prestigious film which serves as a great biographical document for Richard Wagner.

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