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Oh! Susanna
Western, Not on Ebay

1951 | FULLSCREEN (4:3) | Murky Trucolor | Quality: Good - Neglected Trucolor film with typical tint variations. Some scenes have soft picture.

Rod Cameron

Forrest Tucker

Adrian Booth


Rod Cameron is Captain Webb Calhoun, leader of a band of misfit soldiers assigned to enforce a treaty with the Sioux indians. Cameron and his gang must ensure that the settlers in the area obey the treaty and leave the land, but the situation is complicated by the discovery of gold in the area. Make matters worse, Calhoun gets a new commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Unger (Forrest Tucker) who has absolutely no respect for him and dresses him down every chance he gets. Soon things get worse when the two begin to butt heads over sultry saloon girl Lia Wilson (Adrian Booth), and the situation with the Sioux totally breaks down.

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