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Oh! Susanna
Adventure , Western, Not on Ebay

1951 | 4:3 | COLOR | Quality: Very Good - color seems faded in some areas but very watchable

Rod Cameron

Forrest Tucker


"Oh! Susanna" is another of Republic's Trucolor "A" list westerns, this one dealing with the "there's gold in them thar hills" theme.

Set in the Black Hills of Dakota, it has West Pointer Captain Webb Calhoun (Rod Cameron) policing the treaty with the Sioux that prevents settlers and miners from encroaching on Sioux land in search of gold. Calhoun's commanding officer, Lt. Col. Unger (Forrest Tucker complete with greying hair) has risen through the ranks and resents his subordinate's West Point training.

Saloon owner Ira Jordan (Jim Davis) has intentions of starting a war between the army and the Sioux so that the miners can sneak onto Sioux land. He has Unger convinced that the miners should be allowed that access. Working for Jordan is "saloon girl" Lia Wilson (Adrian Booth aka Lorna Gray) with whom Calhoun has a past. Unger also takes an interest in Lia. She in turn, is "carrying on" with shave tail Lt. Cutter (John Compton).

Calhoun continues to warn the trespassers against a possible Sioux attack. The Sioux begin to muster their forces. Unger is lured into a trap through the efforts of Jordan. Calhoun is left to defend the fort with his small troop. The Sioux attack and...........................

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