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Passport to Treason

1956 | 4:3 | BLACK & WHITE | Quality: Excellent

Rod Cameron

Lois Maxwell

Clifford Evans


Private detective Mike O'Kelly (Rod Cameron) stumbles into a mystery in foggy London when he discovers his friend and fellow investigator has been killed while working a case. He resolves to get vengeance for his friend as well as solve the case he was working on. A dropped passport is the only clue which eventually points him in the direction of a secret neo-fascist crime ring and the activities of the International League For World Peace. Cameron faces down what seems to be no end of dangers as he will not be discouraged in his quest to obtain justice for his friend. There are fist-fights a-plenty along the way, thrown in with some character twists and various other scenarios which all add to the intrigue. Fans of the noir genre will know exactly what they're in for and won't be disappointed!

A strange sort of British tribute to the American Noir, PASSPORT TO TREASON is a rarity that stars the tall and imposing Rod Cameron as the private eye lead. More of a heavy than a hero, he slugs and pushes his way through the villainous members of the plot. Along the way he hooks up with a pre-007 Lois Maxwell, who is at her most beautiful and intelligent in this film. The supporting cast includes Clifford Evans (THE 20 QUESTIONS MURDER MYSTERY) as the leader of the slightly bizarre 'peace organization' and Douglas Wilmer (THE BRIDES OF FU MANCHU) as a doctor. Ballard Berkeley plays one of his stock policeman roles and there's a minor part for popular Canadian TV actor John Colicos (who looks very young) as a thug. PASSPORT TO TREASON, filmed on location in foggy London, weaves nicely between unsavory characters and femme fatales - A fun and fairly short film that can be viewed by anyone even over a meal.

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