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The Diamond Queen

1953 | FULLSCREEN | COLOR | Quality: Good - print shows some signs of age but very watchable

Fernando Lamas

Arlene Dahl

Gilbert Rowland


Fernando Lamas is the famed French adventurer Jean Baptiste Tavernier, who with his father has been tasked to cut a huge diamond for the King of France as a capstone for the royal crown. Gilbert Roland is the arrogant Baron Paul de Cabannes - who barges in and demands the diamond be ready ahead of schedule, or else! This causes the elderly Tavernier to miscut the diamond and shatter it to pieces. Now, Lamas and Roland must travel to India to find a replacement before the King's coronation. There in the savage Indian jungles, they encounter the Queen of Nepal (Arlene Dahl - yes, she really is cast as the QUEEN OF NEPAL!). After an action-packed misunderstanding with her guards, Jean and Cabannes learn that the pale skinned, red haired Queen of Nepal is on her way to Golconda to marry the Mogul (Sheldon Leonard), and that he has promised to give her the "Eye of the Goddess" - a fantastic rare blue diamond! Romance and adventure ensue as the two Frenchman accompany the Queen to her destination where they try to scheme and bargain to get the diamond for themselves, and learn that the Mogul is not at all to be trusted!

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