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The Fighting Chance
Drama, Not on Ebay

1955 | FULLSCREEN (4:3) | BLACK & WHITE | Quality: Good - First test of new SCRAPSCAN system. Very rare print has some scratches and lines. Some short missing scenes have been restored with an inferior print.

Rod Cameron

Julie London

Ben Cooper


Small-time horse trainer Bill Binyon (Rod Cameron) befriends rookie jockey Mike Gargan (Ben Cooper). The two quickly find that between Binyon’s keen eye for racing strategy and Gargan’s raw talent, they make a formidable team. It isn’t long before they climb up the ranks of the equestrian world and become great friends. Just when it seems they have life all figured out, two-faced buxom beauty Janet Wales (Julie London) enters the scene. She is a "track gypsy" who pretends to be ignorant about horse racing, but secretly spreads discontent and chaos behind the scenes and then profits greatly from gambling with her inside knowledge. She sees dollar signs in the successful duo and sets out to work her routine on them, driving both men to the brink of ruin and splitting up their partnership. Broke, unemployed and desperate, Bill and Mike will have to put aside their differences and try to recapture past success all while Janet hovers over them and threatens to once again undo everything.

Because this print is a test of the new Scrapscan system, I've included a sample video file to give some idea of the quality.

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