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Allotment Wives
Noir, Not on Ebay

1945 | FULLSCREEN | BLACK & WHITE | Quality: Excellent

Kay Francis

Paul Kelly

Otto Kruger


When Peter Martin (Paul Kelly) finds that his good friend has killed himself due to finding out his new bride already has several husbands, he goes undercover and his search leads him to Sheila Seymour (Kay Francis). She is the ruthless boss of a criminal racket which scams servicemen into marrying women so they can collect the government allotment checks. Gladys Smith (Gertrude Michael) recognises Sheila as an old partner in crime. They had both been petty criminals although Sheila mysteriously escaped reform school and now Gladys is out for revenge. She finds it in Connie (Teala Loring), who is Sheila's rebellious daughter who has been tucked away in an exclusive girl's school. But Connie is only too eager to get involved in the high living and bright lights that Gladys introduces her to. By the end of the movie, Sheila shows to what ruthless lengths she will go in order to protect her racket and her daughter. Guns blaze, bodies fall over beds, even Sheila's right hand man, Whitey (Otto Kruger) takes a bullet to protect Connie who doesn't seem a particularly agreeable girl.

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