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Great Day in the Morning
Western, Favorite

1956 | FULLSCREEN | Color | Quality: Excellent

Robert Stack

Virginia Mayo

Ruth Roman


Owen Pentecost (Robert Stack) is a witty and charasmatic southerner trying to make his way in the frontiers of Colorado during the days leading up to the Civil War. However, he quickly finds himself in over his head and surrounded by Indians. Fortunately, hard-boiled Zeff Masterson (Leo Gordon) arrives and saves his life, but when Masterson discovers that the man he's just saved is a southerner, he is only stopped from finishing off Pentecost by his colleague Stephen Kirby (Alex Nicol) and his beautiful employer Ann Merry Alaine (Virginia Mayo). Soon the party arrives in Denver, Colorado, where everything indicates that the war is ready to break out any moment - sparking intense resentment among the townfolk. But Owen Pentecost is more concerned about himself and about the real purpose of his coming to Denver, which is a load of gold that was dug by the confederate miners and is ready to be transported to the south. Any delay might ruin everything, and this is what Owen counts on, planning to take advantage of the situation for his own benefit. This is where the beautiful saloon girl Boston (Ruth Roman) enters the scene. She has her own opinion about what Owen's future should be and helps him swindle local gangster Jumbo (Raymond Burr), but she will have to compete with the gorgeous Virginia Mayo for Stack's affections. As tensions build and sparks fly, the the Civil War erupts with the Confederates attacking Fort Sumter and urgent transportation of gold to the south becomes a matter of vital importance, then matters become even more muddled as the US Army arrives in town!

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