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I'll Never Forget What's 'Isname
Comedy, Favorite

1967 | WIDESCREEN | COLOR | Quality: Excellent

Oliver Reed

Orson Welles


Advertising golden boy Andrew Quint (Oliver Reed) has it all - money, women, and success in his job. But there's just one problem - he's fed up with his fabulously successful life and dreams of leading a simpler existence (hey buddy, wanna trade??). In one of the best opening scenes to a film I have ever seen, he quits his job in a very dramatic way, though his boss (Orson Welles) is skeptical as it's implied he has these tantrums before. Quint promises this time is different, though, and decides to return to writing for a small literary magazine. When his life doesn't seem to be any better, though, he then begins a heartbreaking and self-destructive quest to cut all ties to his former life, going as far as saying good-bye to his wife and mistresses (or at least trying to). Only after tremendous damage is done to those around him does Quint begin to re-think himself and relationships for what they are worth - but is it too late? Woefully underappreciated - out of print in England and never released on home media in the US - I'll Never Forget What's 'Isname is a well-made film which was briefly notorious for a few reasons - one being a scene which heavily implies oral sex (this lead it to be condemned by the Catholic Church as well as be denied MPAA approval in the US) and another being it is considered the first mainstream film to use the "F" word (Carol White had the honor).

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