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Santa Fe Passage

1955 | FULLSCREEN | Color | Quality: Excellent

John Payne

Rod Cameron

Slim Pickens


John Payne is Kirby Randolph - a clever and rugged scout who, along with his faithful sidekick Slim Pickens, helps Wagon Trains navigate the famed Santa Fe trail. When Randolph gets wise to a planned attack upon his people by a warlike Kiowa chief named "Satank" (George Keymas), he decides to try to outsmart the chief by swindling him in a trade in exchange for safe passage. At first he thinks he has succeeded, but not long afterwards he learns that Satank has outsmarted him and the wagon party was slaughtered. To make matters worse, Kirby's reputation is completely destroyed and nobody wants to hire him. Bitter and angry, Payne blames the Indians for his misfortune and spouts all the racist diatribes he can muster. Fortunately, his luck changes for the better when he comes across a party in desperate need of a scout. What he doesn't know is that this particular wagon train is carrying a precious cargo that the Kiowa Indians want very badly! Complicating matters even further is the beautiful Aurelie St. Clair (Faith Domergue) who catches the eye of both the rugged wagon-master, Jess Griswold (Rod Cameron) and Payne. Action-a-plenty erupts as Payne must deal with the murderous Indians, the jealous Rod Cameron, scheming wagon-hands, the fiery Faith Domergue - as well as clear his name and settle his personal grudge with the formidable chief Satank!

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