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Drama, Favorite

1976 | FULLSCREEN | COLOR | Quality: OK - Aged VHS copy with some dropouts

William Shatner

Ozzie Davis

Stephen Macht


This may not be William Shatner's most famous role, but it is certainly one of his most important. This 1976 made-for-TV-movie was based on the real-life Stanley Milgram experiments and was broadcast only a few times on CBS before being shelved because it was considered too disturbing. Despite the limited run and never being released on video, however, this movie is one of the most memorable of the CBS Television specials ever aired, because no one that has seen it can ever forget it. If you love movies that really hit hard and make you think -even years later- then this is a film you simply cannot miss!

Inspired by the Stanley Milgram obedience research, this TV movie chronicles a psychology professor's study to determine why ordinary people - such as the Nazi's - are willing to "just follow orders" and do horrible things to others. Professor Stephen Turner leads students to believe that they are applying increasingly painful electric shocks to other subjects when they fail to perform a task correctly, and is alarmed to see how much pain the students can be convinced to inflict "in the name of science." This is a story that works on many deep psychological levels, and sends a clear message which manages to transcend both time and the dated production values. This is truly a case where effective story-telling conquers all, and causes the viewer to forget they are watching something made on a shoestring budget 30 years ago. They simply do not make quality, hard-hitting television like this anymore. IMO, this moive should be required viewing in any ethics class.

PLEASE NOTE: This recording is a VHS copy that has been transfered to digital, so the quality is only fair. I searched for this film for years, and this is the ONLY known copy in existance aside from the original tapes rotting away in a CBS warehouse somewhere, so you aren't likely to find a better quality copy - (if you do please contact me as I would love to have it!)

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