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Red Line 7000

1965 | FULLSCREEN | COLOR | Quality: Excellent

James Caan

Laura Devon

George Takei



Red Line 7000 follows a formula that director Howard Hawks developed in such classic films as 1944's To Have and Have Not and 1948's Red River - the best drama is one that not only deals with men in danger, but also the women who must deal with the men who deal with danger. While Red Line 7000 might not be considered Hawks' best film (it was one of his last), it still covers the favored terrain: The stock-car racers led by Mike Marsh (James Caan) are intense professionals who bottle up insecurities and daily face death while their wives and girlfriends are left to decide whether to change them, live with them, or get the hell out.

Fans of NASCAR will be absolutely delighted by this time capsule with some truly breathtaking racing footage shot around familiar NASCAR tracks. The racing sequences are absolutely fantastic. 1991's Days of Thunder really could have learned a thing or two from this film. The crashes especially are absolutely terrifying. Many popular drivers of the time make cameos, including King Richard Petty - who appears so often he might as well be a character in the film. George Takei has a supporting role just one year before he would land the role that made him famous, Mr. Sulu on Star Trek. Another Star Trek connection exists in that Marianna Hill eventually went on to play Dr. Helen Noel on Star Trek, and many consider her to be the most beautiful woman to ever walk the halls of the Enterprise (no small feat for that show). She became a mainstay of 1960's and 70's TV appearing on shows such as Batman, Kung Fu, Bonanza, Mayberry RFD, and also quite a few films like Elvis' "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" (1966), Clint Eastwood's "High Plains Drifter" (1973) and the underrated atmospheric horror flick "Dead People" (aka "Messiah of Evil" 1973).

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