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Adventure , Drama, Romance

1953 | FULLSCREEN | COLOR | Quality: Excellent

Fernando Lamas

Arlene Dahl

Patricia Medina



Originally released in 3-D, Sangaree covers the adventures of Dr. Carlos Morales (Fernando Lamas), the son of an indentured servant, who has been raised and educated by General Darby and surprisingly made legal executor of his vast Georgia estate! When Darby dies, Morales is opposed by Nancy Darby (Arlene Dahl) who tries to break the will and also her father's desire to set up a group of free medical clinics for the poor to be overseen by Carlos. The true culprits behind her opposition are her fiancé, Harvey Bristol (John Sutton) and his father, Dr. Bristol (Francis L. Sullivan), who are in reality preying on the Darby holdings. Lamas must deal with these schemers, his unfaithful ex-girlfriend (Patricia Medina), a ship of pirates, and a plague that hits Savannah, while also finding time to woo the gorgeous Arlene Dahl!

Whoa boy! The 3-D effects were certainly not the only thing flying off the screen in this picture, as real-life couple Fernando Lamas and Arlene Dahl give us a riverboat sequence where the sexual tension is so blatant and extreme (especially for the time), you wonder if they are going to descend into full-on porno! Dahl, barefoot and sitting with her legs open, makes constant bedroom-eyes and innuendo at Lamas who reciprocates with endless pawing and smooth-talk. Eventually the two enter into the interior of the boat, which has a bed for Dahl to lay on suggestively, where the pawing turns into caressing and then BITING (which looked to me like it really did cut Lamas' lip). I'm not sure if I've ever quite seen anything like this sequence in mainstream 1950's cinema before, but it's still quite erotic even today. The rest of the film boasts some hilarious one-liners and a great fight scene where Lamas beats a guy with a flaming log and sets him on fire! The costumes are great - prolific costumer Edith Head doing top-notch work once again! I had not seen this film in a long time and was surprised when watching it again - I do recall the Romance-Novel plot but I did not remember it being so funny, edgy, and entertaining!

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