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Adventure , Favorite

1951 | 4:3 | COLOR | Quality: Excellent

John Payne

Rhonda Fleming

Forrest Tucker


Steve Singleton (John Payne) seems to have life all figured out. He lives and works from his fancy sailboat, The Seeker, and makes a comfortable living for himself on the beautiful coast of New Guinea. He's just met the gorgeous Katherine Shelly (Rhonda Fleming) and the two seem to be hitting it off, and he's just been hired by 'Jumbo' Johnson (Forrest Tucker) for a potentially extremely profitable search for pearls. Unfortunately, Singleton's life goes to hell in a hand-basket pretty quickly as he's tricked into losing his boat and winds up in jail. While he's incarcerated, Shelly's plane (loaded with gold bullion) crashes in headhunter territory. Upon his release, Singleton must work with untrustworthy con-men Daubrey (Alan Mowbray) and Sykes (John Abbot) to find the downed plane, his girlfriend, and the extremely valuable cargo! But thoughts turn to duplicity, betrayal and murder all as the party make their way through croc-infested waters, jungles teeming with aggressive animal life, headhunter villages, and scores of other dangers in this thrilling technicolor classic!

I just have to admit here that I LOVE THIS FILM! Crosswinds will absolutely not disappoint adventure fans! Although it might not be on the level of films like Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Zulu, or The African Queen, it certainly draws from the elements that made those films so very entertaining. By the final act, the characters are desperate and find themselves in more and more dangerous circumstances as they double cross each other and jockey for survival. Fans of John Payne will enjoy seeing him at his peak here, spending half the picture in swimming trunks as he dives for gold, fights off cannibals, and gets involved with lovely Rhonda Fleming. There's plenty of gunplay, fisticuffs and bad-blood to go around all crammed into this very fun & entertaining 93 minute picture!

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