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Hong Kong
Adventure , Favorite

1952 | 4:3 | COLOR | Quality: Excellent

Ronald Reagan

Rhonda Fleming


A must-see for any Indiana Jones fan!

Ronald Reagan is Jeff Williams - a US army vet living in China who is on the run from the Red Army as the country falls to Communism. Along the way he comes across a Chinese orphan (a more sedate version of Short Round) who is carrying an ancient and valuable GOLDEN IDOL. Adventure ensues as Williams must outwit both the commies and Chinese gangsters while scheming to cash in on the idol himself. Reagan is great in the role, looking perfectly dynamic in action sequences and able to belt out classic no-nonsense one-liners. Rhonda Fleming is her usual stunning self, playing a humanitarian who is trying to aid Chinese refugees but instead finds herself caught up in the action.

Aside from appealing to anyone who likes oldschool adventure movies, this film is also a nice romp for history buffs. There is something thrillingly surreal about seeing the iconic 40th president running around dressed like Indiana Jones while punching Communists in the face, especially due to Reagan's real life battles as Presidents of both the actor's guild during the McCarthy Era and the United States during the closing years of the Cold War. When his character Jeff Williams speaks of communism in the film there is a resonance for a modern audience who is aware of what was later to come in Reagan's life.

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