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Bride of Vengeance
Drama, Romance

1949 | FULLSCREEN | BLACK & WHITE | Quality: Excellent

Paulette Goddard

John Lund

Macdonald Carey


Casare Borgia sits on the throne of power in Rome, but secretly schemes to conquer the city of Venice as well which is ruled by his brother-in-law! Sitting between Rome and Venice is the tiny independent kingdom of Ferrara - which becomes a pawn in Borgia's scheme! Borgia murders his sister's husband and frames Alfonso D'Este of Ferrara for the killing, hoping this will weaken both kingdoms and he can swoop in and claim the spoils. Everything seems to be going according to plan as the enraged Lucretia Borgia vows to avenge her slain husband against Ferrara and D'Este, but as she investigates matters and gets to know Alfonso it soon becomes apparent that not all is at it appears - and things become even more complicated when the smooth-talking Alfonso begins to win her heart.

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