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A Thousand and One Nights
movies, Adventure , Comedy

1945 | 4:3 | Color | Quality: Excellent

Cornel Wilde

Evelyn Keyes, Adele Jergens

Phil Silvers


Big colorful sets and fantasy costumes are featured in this hokey update to Aladdin's Lamp that never takes itself seriously. Evelyn Keyes is adorable as the genie that no one but handsome Cornel Wilde can see, but he has eyes only for Adele Jergens as the blond princess. Sidekick Phil Silvers has his eyes on every jewel in the palace. Of course there's a scheming Vizir and a Sultan switcharoo. A thief masquerades as a prince, and just about every other Arabian Nights cliché is given some sort of send up. Here we have Aladdin (Cornel Wilde) who falls in love with Princess Armina (Adele Jergens). She loves him too but she can't marry a poor man. Aladdin finds a lantern, rubs it and our comes a female genie named Babs (Evelyn Keyes). Aladdin orders her to make him a rich prince so he will be able to marry the princess--but Babs starts to fall in love with Aladdin! Abdullah (Phil Silvers), Aladdin's buddy tags along.

Just as Disney's animated feature "Aladdin" updated the genie-in-a-bottle storyline for the 90s mindset, this exploration fuses the epic musical film style of big-budget Hollywood films in post-War America with the cultural stereotypes surrounding the Middle East. The results are a fantastic, if laughable, adventure movie, geared towards young adults and the elderly, but with plenty to chew on even for children. Imaginative sets and superb costumes present a lavish spectacle of color and brilliant old school special effects combine with well-performed choreography to keep the action and laughs rolling, and the viewer suitably engaged.

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