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Outlaw Women
Comedy, Western

1952 | 4:3 | Color | Quality: Very Good

Marie Windsor, Richard Rober, Jackie Coogan


In the town of Las Mujeres it's the women who call the shots! The extremely successful Paradise Saloon is run by Iron Mae McLeod (Marie Windsor) and she has female gunfighters keeping the peace and enforcing her word. She runs the whole town, in fact, and women who pass through are invited to stay - men are tolerated but only as patrons and subordinates. When the town needs a doctor, Allan Nixon is kidnapped by gunslinging Carla Belinda and brought to Las Mujeres to be the town doctor. Patent medicine huckster Billy House loses all the women in his show to Las Mujeres, so he sticks around to be the bartender and provides comic relief. Gambler and Windsor's ex Woody Callaway (Richard Rober) shows up in town with his gunslinging bodyguard Jackie Coogan (yes, that Jackie Coogan). With his own gambling hall drying up in nearby Silver Creek, Callway has a scheme to take control of the Paradise Saloon. Outlaw Frank Slater wants Iron Mae to partner up with him in planning holdups since her girls are experts at getting information out of guys. Iron Mae's got her hands full with all these plot lines and staying on top of the usual chaos breaking out in her saloon. Eventually things explode into a violent conclusion that will leave western fans happy.

What a bizarre, fun film this is! This is a worthwhile watch for the curious, thanks to the novelty element and the fact that the filmmakers don’t take the subject matter too seriously. For instance, Iron Mae’s tough-as-nails bouncer is played by Maria Hart, who keeps all the men in line and shows how tough she is by striking matches with her teeth. Woody Callaway has his own fast gun, Peyote Bill, who has a trick holster, a habit of getting shot in the right shoulder, but proves incapable of lighting a match on his teeth. Allan Nixon plays handsome doctor Bob Ridgeway. He’s kidanpped earlier in the film by Ellen Larabee, who’s every bit as interested in his romantic potential as his skill with a scapel. Ah, but she’ll have to vie for his attention with her curvier, more seductive sister Ellen, who also has a habit of getting into catfights with her co-workers over money made at the gambling table. Outlaw Women is a misleading title if there ever was one. In fact they're not outlaws and get themselves in a mess of trouble when they turn down an offer to be outlaws. Not that these capable ladies don't take the law in their own hands....

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