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A Day of Fury

1956 | 16:9 | Color | Quality: Excellent

Dale Robertson

Jock Mahoney

Mara Corday


As the nation expands westward, the only thing standing in civilization's way were undisciplined, untamed men - the gunfighters whose way of life was quickly coming to an end. It is a time when law is coming to the west and A DAY OF FURY begins with a manhunt in which Marshal Allan Burnett (Jock Mahoney) is saved by a notorious gunman named Jagade (Dale Robertson). Jagade later arrives in a little town called West End and finds the townfolk are law-abiding, god fearing folk who have no use for an outlaw... or so they claim. The law enforcement in West End is, you guessed it, Marshal Allan Burnett who feels he owes Jagade a debt and refuses to run the gunman out of town. It doesn't take long for lawless Jagade to turn the place upside down and expose the hypocrisy of the townfolk. The situation is further complicated by the fact that Burnett's fiancée, Sharman Fulton (Mara Corday), is Jagade's former lover. The Story of Jagade...last of the MAVERICK KILLERS! This Was The Day Of The Rope And The Ravager!

"A Day of Fury" is about the end of the Old West, embodied by the gunfighter, and its replacement by "decent folk" and their values. However, one gunfighter returns to town and exposes the hypocrisy and small-mindedness that lies beneath the veneer of civilization. This film is a must-see for those who love Clint Eastwood's "High Plains Drifter" as it seems to have inspired that film to a large degree. This stirring picture contains a powerful examination of morality and hypocrisy on people of a little town. Dale Roberson stars as an avenger gunslinger, though this time the pistolero appears to have been sent from hell rather than heaven to carry out a vendetta. Two of television's best known cowboy heroes, Robertson from Tales Of Wells Fargo and the Range Rider Jock Mahoney are the stars here and have a great chemistry together. Imagine High Noon had we probed a bit deeper into the town of Hadleyville and its citizens who would not back up Gary Cooper and you have A Day Of Fury. A trio of standout supporting performances come from Jan Merlin as a local tough, John Dehner as the town minister, and most of all Dee Carroll as the spinster school teacher who is a repressed and tragic figure.

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