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Al Jennings of Oklahoma
movies, Western

1951 | 4:3 | Color | Quality: Excellent

Dan Duryea

Gale Storm


Al Jennings (Dan Duryea) is born into a family of lawyers and thus take up the family trade. Known for his hot temper, it's not unusual for Al to run into trouble - particularly with his stern father who is now a judge. Al and his brothers decide to strike out on their own in Oklahoma. However, things go off the rails when one of the brother's is publicly murdered but the killer is a powerful man so he is able to shirk the law. Wanting justice, Al goes to see the killer and shoots him dead. Now on the run from the law, Al and his brother Frank end up part of a criminal gang that are involved in everything from robbing banks to robbing trains. But the criminal life really doesn't suit the Jennings boys, and with the beautiful Margo St. Claire's (Gale Storm) token love interest holding his attention, Al and his brother Frank (Dick Foran) decide to leave crime and go straight in New Orleans - which doesn't have an extradition agreement with Oklahoma. But there is still a big reward on the Jennings boys' heads, and despite their attempts to lay low it is not long before they are recognized...

A fanciful telling of the real-life adventures of Al Jennings, Al Jennings of Oklahoma is directed by Ray Nazaro and adapted to screenplay by George Bricker from the book co-written by Al Jennings and Will Irwin. It stars Dan Duryea, Gale Storm, Dick Foran, Gloria Henry, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams and Raymond Greenleaf. Music is by Mischa Bakaleinikoff and cinematography by W. Howard Greene. Dan Duryea does a fine job as the short tempered protagonist even though his character isn't that likable even before he turns to crime. You sense it's all very romanticized from the actual life of Al Jennings, but it comes out as a very enjoyable Oater. There's some decent stuntwork early on, a couple of rounds of knuckles (though the court room fight is not greatly constructed), chases, some gun-play and it's nice and colorful with Technicolor photography around the Chatsworth location shoot.

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