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Domino Kid
movies, Western

1957 | 16:9 | Black & White | Quality: Excellent

Rory Calhoun

Kristine Miller

Andrew Duggan


Rory Calhoun is Cort Garand (AKA: Domino), who upon returning from his service in the Civil War finds his father has been murdered and his ranch set to ruin. Surviving ranch hand Juan tells Domino the story: five marauders brutally raided the ranch and murdered Domino's father in the process. Juan is able to identify four of the assailants by recognizing them on wanted posters. Furious Domino sets out for vengeance against the five renegades and fairly quickly takes care of the four known ones - but the fifth man is proving elusive. In the meantime, a well dressed and scheming land developer named Wade Harrington (Andrew Duggan) shows up and has eyes on Domino's neglected ranch. He also has eyes for Domino's ex-flame, Barbara Ellison (Kristine Miller) who dreams of a day Domino will abandon his quest and return to settle down. But in the act of habitually killing, Domino becomes a very hardened man and begins to lose the ability to settle disagreements rationally - instead being quick to draw his gun to get his way. His friends begin to worry about what sort of man he has become and try to convince him to put his firearms aside and live a life of peace... but just then the mysterious fifth man is revealed...

The Domino Kid is directed by Ray Nazarro and written by Kenneth Gammet and Hal Biller. It stars Rory Calhoun, Kristine Miller, Andrew Duggan, Yvette Dugay, Peter Whitney and Eugene Iglesias. Music is by Mischa Bakaleinikoff and cinematography by Irving Lipman. Veteran cowboy director Ray Nazarro helms a winner with this fast-moving little oater. Just goes to show what a good script can do with a less than sterling budget. It's also shot gorgeously with the crisp black and white photography putting a tonally correct moody vibe on the story. Calhoun is the bastion of cool and hardness, quick on the draw and lobbing dominoes around to announce to his prey that they are up against one bad hombre. The requisite entanglements with land baron villain Wade Harrington (Duggan) and affairs of the heart are driven straight and simple, and the "twist" makes this one well worth a look for Calhoun and B Western supporters.

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