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Duel at Apache Wells
movies, Western

1957 | 4:3 | Black & White | Quality: Excellent

Ben Cooper

Jim Davis

Anna Berghetti


Young Johnny Shattuck (Ben Cooper) returns home after several years of raising hell to find his father, Wayne (Harry Shannon) is in a heap of trouble. Wayne Shattuck is being hemmed in on all sides and denied access to the vital water at Apache Wells needed to drive his cattle to market. His adversary is the brute Dean Cannary (Jim Davis) who once worked for Shattuck until he was caught cattle rustling on the side. Now Cannary has bought himself a nice neighboring ranch and hired a nice roster of gunfighters led by the formidable Joe Dunn (Bob Steele). Complicating matters further is the fact that Cannary wants to marry Johnny's old flame, Anita (Anna Maria Alberghetti), although she still carries a torch for Johnny. Unable to deal with Cannary through legal means, Johnny reluctantly prepares for a shoot-em-up showdown!

It is Jim Davis who rises to the occasion here and is the main reason to see this film. He's in top form as the towering, sneering, bully of a villain who is not only trying to drive Shannon out of business, but wants to cut Cooper out of his time with Anna Maria Alberghetti - the daughter of the local merchant Frank Puglia. Both Cooper and Shannon have to give all they got, acting-wise and otherwise, against big Jim Davis. I also liked Anna Maria Alberghetti as Anita, the woman who loves Johnny but may have to marry Cannary if he gets his way.

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