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Flaming Feather

1952 | 4:3 | COLOR | Quality: Excellent

Sterling Hayden

Arlene Whelan

Forrest Tucker



A mysterious bandit known only as "The Sidewinder" leads a band of renegade Indians as they terrorize Arizona's settlers! But they make a mistake when they choose Tex McCloud (Sterling Hayden) as their next target! They burn McCloud's ranch, scatter his livestock and kill his lovable ranch-hand. Now he's sworn revenge, and he's not alone as he finds allies in the US Cavalry headed up by the burly Lt. Tom Blaine (Forrest Tucker), and also tangles with sultry saloon singer Arleen Whelan! But The Sidewinder and his gang have a seemingly impenetrable castle fortress, leading to a barnstorming bloodbath climax!

An energetic and clever western that makes up for any shortcomings with gorgeous location photography and an action-packed finale. Ray Enright was adept at this sort of thing, and here he doesn't waste any time with pointless filler scenes or drawn out conversations that don't advance the plot. From the get go we are thrust into an action sequence, and from there on in the film rarely pauses for breath. Hayden and Tucker make for a beefy coupling, and although the mystery element is not exactly rocket science to work out, the presence of three lovely lady characters does spice up the intrigue surrounding The Sidewinder and those in pursuit of him. It all builds to a wonderful finale that starts out with a Little Big Horn type siege, which then develops into a pursuit and battle up at the Montezuma Castle Monument in Arizona, where fire pit punch ups and ladder skills enthral greatly.

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