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1953 | 4:3 | Color | Quality: Excellent

Audie Murphy

Lori Nelson


Jim Harvey (Audie Murphy) is hired to escort a small wagon train as it makes its way west. When train is attacked by Indians, Harvey thinks he has the situation well in hand as he once saved the life of chief Aguila's son. But when he tries to negotiate, he is instead captured and the rest of the train is slaughtered except for two sisters. Harvey Escapes and shows up in town later, but is nearly hanged as a deserter! He escapes on what he believes to be a broken down nag named Tumbleweed but the horse turns out to be a Godsend. Eventually Harvey catches up with the possed who are trying to catch him, but they are all attacked by Indians and must fight together to survive all while Harvey desperately works to clear his name!

Tumbleweed is directed by Nathan Juran and adapted to screenplay by John Meredyth Lucas from the novel "Three Were Renegades" written by Kenneth Perkins. It's atypical Audie Murphy fare, which makes for a rollicking good time as Murphy gets called out for being a coward when the train he is leading is slaughtered. What follows for the 76 minute run time is plenty of action and near scrapes, some barely concealed romantic yearnings, and of course heroics from both man and beast. The locations used for the story are gorgeous, as Death Valley and Vasquez Rocks form a mightily impressive back drop to the unfolding drama, with the stunts and machismo up to the requisite standard. The cast is good, with Audie being Audie, Wills a gruff lawman and van Cleef in loose cannon side-kick mode. The girls are mere tokens, but the beauty of Nelson and Meredith is breathtaking.

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