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1951 | 4:3 | COLOR | Quality: Excellent

Edmond O'Brien

Forrest Tucker



John Vickers (Edmond O'Brien) is obsessed with hunting down three men who killed his true love in a botched bank robbery. Finally, he's got a line on one of them, and he quickly gets his vengeance. As the miscreant is dying he admits that his two other accomplices have joined the cavalry. Vickers, a former officer himself, enlists with the intention of tracking them down! After saving pretty Molly Quade from the drunken clutches of rowdy Sergeant O'Hara (Forrest Tucker), bad blood begins to boil and things get worse when Vickers becomes pretty sure O'Hara is one of the men he's looking for. But the mighty Sioux, led by the formidable Sitting Bull, have amassed huge numbers and are also on the warpath as Custer walks into a trap - can Vickers reconcile his desire for vengeance with loyalty to the Army?

A great outdoors adventure with some rather stunning on-location footage, this is an interesting story that draws parallels between a soldier's quest for vengeance and hostilities between Custer and Indians on the Dakota frontier. Edmond O'Brien and Forrest Tucker are at their best here - their antagonism and hatred for each other is red-hot from the start and only gets better as the story advances. The film has two thrilling battles between the cavalry and Indians that are among the finest ever filmed, and are done in the spirit of the golden-age westerns of the past. The movie is also an ode to General George A. Custer and the 7th Cavalry, which lost its last battle. Ray Rennahan's cinematography is outstanding, as is Paul Sawtell's nostalgic music score.

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