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Young Fury

1965 | 4:3 | Color | Quality: Very Good

Rory Calhoun

Virginia Mayo

William Bendix


Young Tige McCoy is the leader of a young group of thugs who ride from town-to-town and act like fools. Tige learns that his father (Rory Calhoun), a legendary gunslinger and hellraiser, is in the next town - and Tige wants revenge for being abandoned as a child! Unknown to Tige, his mother (Virginia Mayo) is also in the town working as a saloon harlot. The cowardly sheriff is unable to resist the gang and they easily take over the little town, which draws out a very proud Rory Calhoun. He quickly whips these young pups and shows them who's boss. However, a gang of much, much tougher hombres is coming. What's next? See the film and find out for yourself.

1964's "Young Fury" served as the third of 13 A.C. Lyles "geezer" Westerns from the mid 60s, unusual in that the focus is not on the veteran stars, who still receive top billing, but on a variety of newcomers, none of whom went on to any prominence (Kevin O'Neal, younger brother of Ryan, later appeared in Bert I. Gordon's "Village of the Giants"). The top slots go to Rory Calhoun and Virginia Mayo, as Clint and Sara McCoy, the long split parents of young Tige (Preston Pierce), who grew up to become the leader of a gang of toughs who enjoy boozing and running roughshod over every town they invade. Joe the Blacksmith is played by a very frail William Bendix, who only lived long enough to do two scenes prior to his death at age 58, while Ace the Bartender provides Lon Chaney with a decent enough cameo role, curiously one of the few townspeople the Hellions don't mess with (he successfully demands payment for a bottle of whiskey!).

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